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Kinda bummed out that I got zero feedback for my last pieces, not even a fave. Did you guys really all just watch me because of my dragon art?
Just something dumb I drew last night while I waited for the sleeping pills to kick in.

Top to bottom:
Kinda bummed out that I got zero feedback for my last pieces, not even a fave. Did you guys really all just watch me because of my dragon art?
No Rest for the Wicked
Once, when I was blasting vaporwave compilations on Youtube, I came across a video that told me that it is unwise for an artist to ignore the movements he is currently living through, so in response I decided to make a meme. In essence, Antariel is something of a stand to Uleag, only their relationship is codependent and Antariel only needs Uleag's body as an anchor into the corporeal world so he can do his own thing, namely try to stop horrible, horrible disasters before they happen such as the world ending (Spoiler: He fails. Horribly.)

Stand Name: No Rest for the Wicked
Stand Master: Uleag MacIolair
Ability: Able to match the speed and power of an enemy the longer Uleag initiates combat with it(and as long as the enemy has a soul bound to the world it inhabits).


Doesn't seem like stands named after albums are as common as artists or songs, but if Gold Experience gets a pass, then this fake-ass stand gets a pass too.
I needed a new journal to be plastered on my profile anyway.

Original creator: 

100 Truths
Tagged by: :iconzaxymmthezaroro: 
1.) Real Name: Wil*bzhtttt!* Pa*pbzhtttt!*sco
2.) Nicknames: Wil, Shaggy by friends in Mass Com department
3.)Zodiac Sign: Cancer
4.) Male or Female: BOI
5.) Elementary School: Passed
6.) Middle School: Graduated
7.) High School: Graduated
8.)Hair color: Dirty blonde? My beard's red and my eybrows are dark brown...
9.) Long or Short Hair: Think Thomas Middleditch or Michael Cera on this one
10.) Loud or Quiet: Both? Depends on the environment
11.) Sweats or Jeans: Jeans, bruh
12.) Phone or Camera: Phone
13.) Health Freak: I'm far too skinny to worry about most American health problems
14.) Drink or Smoke: Drink, and lots of it
15.) Do you have a crush on someone: Yes~ 
16.) Political Orientation: Moderate conservative. Think Margaret Thatcher.
17.) Piercings: nah
18.) Tattoos: no


19.) Airplane: Yup
20.) Car Accident: Nope
21.) Fist Fight: Plenty of times. I have a twin brother ffs


22.) First Piercing: none
23.) First Best Friend: Can't remember
24.) First Instrument Drums
25.) First Award: Won first place in elementary school art show
26.) First Crush: Shakira, probably
27.) First language: Engrish
28.) First Big Vacation: Quebec, a very long time ago


29.) Last Person I Talked To: Myself
30.) Last Person I Texted: :iconcloviswolf359:
31.) Last Person I Watched: Aeshkari
32.) Last Food I Ate: Frosted Flakes
33.) the last Movie I Watched: Serpico
34.) last song I listened to: Moon by ṰṏỞ↑ἧᾯrṰḩ
35.) Last Thing I Bought: Yoohoo and spicy pork chips
36.) Last Person You Hugged: My pillow............... 


37.) Food: Corned beef
38.) Drink: Dark ale
39.) Clothing: V-necks, aviators, jeans, worker jacket, canvas hat. 
40.) Book: Damned by Chuck Palahniuk
41.) Color: Green
42.) Flower: Crysanthemums
43.) Movie: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (despite its flaws)
44.) T.V Show: Community
45.) Subject: Theology


47.) [ ] I acted crazy in school.
48.) [X] Celebrated New Years, then fell asleep on the floor.
49.) [ ] I was majorly bullied.
50. [ ] I broke an arm/leg.
51.) [ ] My doge died. 
50.) [ ] Received a crossbow for huntin'.
51.) [X] Cried me to sleep because of my problems. 
52.) [ ] Saw the 5/0: ?
53.) [X] Done something I regretted: my life man
54.) [ ] Broke a promise.
55.) [X] Kept a secret.
56.) [X] Pretended to be happy.
57.) [X] Met someone who changed my life. 
58.) [ ] Vomited on first day to school
59.) [X] Stayed locked in my room: All the time cause I live in the shiftiest dorm on my campus
60.) [X] Tried something I would normally wouldn't like, but liked it.
61.) [] Cried over the silliest thing. 
62.) [ ] Ran a mile. 
63.) [X] Died inside.
64.) [ ] Fainted.
65.) Eating: Leftover Chinese food
66.) Drinking: Cawfee
67.) Getting Ready To: Work on my visual project for Mass Com, but the damn computer lab is closed because of the long weekend...
68.) Listening/Watching At The Moment: Massive vaporwave compilation
69.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: I'm getting all my homework done today so I can do fuck-all tomorrow.
70.) Waiting For: My brother to come to the city for the day in March.


71.) Want Children: Only if my brother and sister don't end up having kids themselves. I prefer to be the cool uncle that drinks and shit-talks everyone at family gatherings.
72.) Want To Get Married: Uhh... 
73.) Careers In Mind: Production assistant, head writer for TV shows (this is the big one), storyboard artist, sound editor, cameraman, 


74.) Lips or Eyes: I don't understand the question...
75.) Shorter or Taller: idgaf
76.) Romantic or Spontaneous: Both!
77.) Nice Stomach or Arms: Just take care of your damn body and don't turn into a 300 lb hambeast
78.) Sensitive or Loud: See #76
79.) Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship all the way. Don't be a slut.
80.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: I just want someone to drink with and have long conversations about world history.


83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: I did over midterms last semester and the damn campus security is so incompetent that they haven't turned up since.
84.) Ran Away From Home: I was 12. It lasted a day and a half
85.) Held a Weapon For Self Defense: Nah?
86.) Killed Someone: I probably will
87.) Broke Someone's Heart: I hope not...
89.) Been Arrested: Not necessarily?


90.) Yourself: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Fuck no! I fucking hate myself most of the time!
91.) Miracles: Every now and again. I think God tends to be distant most of the time though.
92.) Love At First Sight: No. Affections towards others take time.
93.) Heaven: Yes, and only the shittiest of people go to hell.
94.) Santa Claus: Bruh, bruh, I'm almost 20.
95.) Magic: "In a young girl's heart, How the music can free her whenever it starts..."

ANSWER THESE TRUTHFULLY- (oh really? In a journal that is titled 100 truths?!)

96.) Someone You Want to Be With: I'm happily taken and I don't want anyone else.
97.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are In Life: Not really. I constantly wonder wether or not I'm making the right choice with what I'm majoring in college, and the thought that I may be wasting my college fund, my scholarship and about $10k of federal funding causes me to break down and spiral into day-long periods of depression. I wonder if I should have gone into animation or medieval history or joined the seminary back when I was attending college in Erie. I really don't know at this point. All I know is I'm determined to find work suited to my career path after college and not do what my cousins in New York did by majoring in something useless and then subsequently moving back home, resorting to alcoholism and working odd jobs to fund travels around the world.
98.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With: I am. Very much.
99.) Post as "100 Truths" and tag five people. Fuck no. If you read this and wanna do it yourself, then do it. I'm not gonna force you.
100.) One Thing You Know You're Good At In Art and One Thing You Feel The Need To Improve: The one thing I'm confident about is my writing. Everything else I do I feel is mediocre, including my art. I try to improve both of those on a constant basis because I want to present myself to employers as marketable.
  • Listening to: Massive vaporwave compilation
  • Reading: The Iron Lady
  • Eating: Leftover Chinese
  • Drinking: Coffee


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Holy crap, someone's visiting my page... And they're reading this! Anyway, hi. If it wasn't obvious enough, my name's Wil and I'm just another artist dicking around on this borderline fetish site in hopes of recognition to validate my pitiful existence. I hope to be a famous writer and perhaps illustrator when I'm older and probably dead inside. Most of what I draw is part of a six book series which I hope will become my magnum opus... And then I can die happy. I'm also somewhat of an anthro artist. Though I don't consider myself a furry, deviantart follows the same social laws as high school: you end up hanging with some group of colorful weirdos one way or the other.
I am, for the most part, a self-taught artist. I've had very little to no formal training. In hopes of getting better, I accept all critiques with open arms.

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